The Building Owners and Managers Association  is a primary source of information on building management and operations, development, leasing, building operating costs, energy consumption patterns, local and national building codes, legislation, occupancy statistics, technological developments and other industry trends.

There are many types, grades, shades, colours and thicknesses of window films available today. Window films are a retrofit upgrade for existing glass that can be used to address a range of problems inherent to glazing, such as: Heat and Glare reduction, Thermal insulation, UV Filtration, Safety and Security, Privacy, Decoration, and Graffiti protection. Window films are an extremely cost-effective method to reduce heating and cooling costs in existing buildings by reducing the amount of heat transfer through glazing.

Heat Guard Today's mission is:

                             -To understand your current building envelope issues and expectations.-
                           -To share viable solutions to help address the issues most important to you.-
                  -To be part of your team that saves energy and provide an optimal return on investment.-

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ConSol has been providing energy solutions for builders, government agencies, utilities, trade associations and developers since 1983.  ConSol offers leading-edge research and energy consulting in systems, technologies and codes to improve sustainability of new and existing residential and commercial buildings and developments. 

The US Department of Energy is the foremost runner in the United States for applicable energy saving technology. The US Department of Energy offers an in-depth energy guide book that demonstrates the usefulness of energy efficient technologies with a special focus on Window Filming.

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