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"This is a revolutionary building product combining natural daylight with ventilation for a market encompassing billions of square feet."

-- Richard Brindisi "Owner Heat Guard Today and Inventor of BrightVent"



How do you create jobs in a depressed area?


The answer for us is to produce a revolutionary product in the energy efficiency market on a grand scale. The answer, quite simply, is BrightVent.




So what is BrightVent?


The BrightVent innovation is the first combination roof vent/skylight to brighten dark spaces and ventilate damaging heat and humidity. Utilizing existing technologies in new ways, BrightVent is an out-of-the-box solution for factories, warehouses, storage facilities and garages who want an all-inclusive solution to their lighting and venting. It can be adjusted for different pitches on roofs, be installed quickly and easily and is perfect for a residential customer, a commercial customer or anyone who just wants to bring light and ventilation into dark and hot spaces. For us, however, BrightVent is more than just a great innovation but rather a shining light in a very dark time for our community.




What makes BrightVent different from other products?


BrightVent takes the best of static ventilation and solar daylighting and puts it all together for you. Each 8" diameter unit will brighten an estimated 120 sq ft. of space while ventilating 200 sq ft. BrightVent also will offer sizes in 24" and 36" diameter for use in large industrial/commercial applications. Each unit utilizes a factory made single-ply flashing to form fit to your roof. The vent head itself is a specialized, patent pending design that has been wind tested to 110 mph. We proudly warranty BrightVent for 20 years.


One of the most important features of BrightVent is that it is lined with 3M Specular Reflective Film. From their website, 


"3M specular films for daylighting can provide significantly superior daylight transfer efficiency (LTE) compared to enhanced silver coated reflective aluminum‚ resulting in much greater daylight output.


The physics of light transfer efficiency (LTE) mean that even a seemingly small increase in specular reflectivity — even just 2% more — enables daylight to travel much farther down a tube with less light loss.


3M specular film for daylighting allows equal light levels to travel up to 250% farther when compared to silver coated reflective aluminum."


BrightVent can also be made in a variety of different colors to match the roof in which it sits. On top of that, the BrightVent is a one hole solution for two functions which means less time and money for installation.




Although not mentioned in the video presentation, BrightVent also houses solar LED lighting which will continue to provide light even when the sun is down. Each BrightVent is guaranteed to provide 100,000 hrs of free LED lighting while also qualifying for energy rebates from the federal government and potentially from your local utility company as well.




The fact of the matter is there are few opportunities left in this world to make a difference for an entire community. We have found a way to do this by producing the product that’s not just smart… But bright. Thank you for supporting BrightVent!





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